Old Boy is a truly excellent film, indeed Park Chan-Wook is a pretty excellent director, all three of the revenge trilogy are most excellent. However, Old Boy is the only one of the three to feature a scene that involves eating a live animal, in this case an OCTOPUS. Its quite an iconic scene and it was also reasonably controversial (it can also be quite funny to watch depending whether you are a sick boy or a sick girl). UNLEASH THE OCTOPUS –

he really does eat a huge brown octopus, no special effects involved. In fact to shoot this scene he actually had to eat 4.

It would appear that eating seafood that is STILL ALIVE is quite big in Korea, in particular octopus, squid, sea urchins and sea worms. Here is a nice blonde lady with terrible taste in neck jewels eating a live octopus –

she was however an UTTER PUSSY in regards to her live seafood eating, she ate hers all chopped up, the hardcore locals eat live whole octopus (Wait till about 3 minutes in) –

There are quite a few videos on youtube of tourists in Korea eating live food. I am not sure whether I would personally. I think its a bit gross. Also quite a few people have died when eating live octopus because the tenticles can stick to your esophagus on the way down and cause it get blocked basically suffocating/choking you


Similar to Korea, in Japan you can get sashimi (Very fresh sushi) served with the fish – having had its entire body mutilated and turned into sashimi – happily still alive when you eat it –

You don’t actually eat the live fish however, you just eat the meat. The moving head is a bit like proof that the fish is still fresh. There is debate as to whether the fish is still alive for this bit also, some say the twitching is a bit like a headless chicken running around – it is actually dead but electrical impulses in its brain make it wriggle or something, personally I prefer to think that the fish is still alive…it makes the whole experience seem more theatrical.


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