Hello I have thoughts :

a.) When celebrities go on TV shows, such as Loose Women and Paul O’Grady for example, what do they do with their mobile telephones? Do they keep them on themselves but turn them on to silent and/or vibrate? Or do they lock them in their dressing rooms or something? I can imagine if the celebrity was of decent calibre (or to be honest even if the celebrity is a bit rubbish) their mobile phone could be quite a handy thing to steal. I am sure celebrity phone numbers and possibly incriminating text messages could command a sizeable amount of money.

I wonder if a celebrity has been interviewed on TV before and felt their phone vibrate and been REALLY TEMPTED to get it out and see what the text they just recieved says/who is ringing them. I get like that at work sometimes when my phone vibrates and my boss is standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME, I imagine the feeling is similar for people that have fame.

b.) Where do train drivers live?

Imagine for example I lived in Portsmouth and I was a train driver, and I regularly drove a train to Glasgow or something and my schedule for a particular day meant that I ended up finishing for the day in Glasgow. Does the train driver stay in a hotel in Glasgow or do they go all the way home?

Also if they stay in a hotel, does that mean that train drivers also spend a lot of their lives in hotels?

I just do not understand, it seems like an awful lot of hassle for a job. The same question applies to all staff that work on trains.

c.) Also when pet shops shut what happens to the animals? Do they stay in the shop or are they taken away? Do staff have to work longer hours in order to feed and clean them out, or is it just done as the day progresses? Leaving a load of kittens in a cage in the dark ALL NIGHT LONG does not sound like a particularly nice thing to do to my ears.



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