So over in the United Kingdom there has been a huge media storm over the past few weeks about the far right British Political (in the loosest sense of the word) party The British National Party (the BNP) being featured on the flagship BBC weekly political debate show “Question Time”. I am not going to get into whether I think the BBC were right or wrong for featuring him right now (RIGHT if anybody wants to know) but here are a few thoughts after watching the show –

Oh my days that was AMAZING TELEVISION, to be honest I thought Griffin was actually quite irrelevant in all…when he did get to answer a question he just mumbled absolute nonsense about “British People” yet didn’t actually state who these British people were, or flagged up a load of non-nonsensical stats from absolutely nowhere. I thought it was bizarre also that every time somebody I directly criticized him or his party he just sat there and giggled/grinned inanely as if he agreed that him and his party was a joke. I don’t think he would have won many new supporters over tonight.

I thought Jack Straw was an EPIC FAIL when he tried to answer what I thought was the most valid and important question asked (and seemingly the fundamental of what the show seemed to be about tonight) Is the current immigration problem in the UK down to the current government. He really should have admitted that there is a problem and laid out what Labour are doing about it, but instead he rambled on about Powell and completely avoided the question…he looked like an absolute fool. The Tory lass I thought gave by far the best answer of the night answering that question and essentially said EVERYTHING that Straw should have said in the first place. I do not usually defend Tories but I thought she was RIGHT ON for most of the show, intelligent, informed and eloquent, it was only when she went all shady and quiet over gay issues when my goodwill started to slip.

Bonnie Greer was AMAZING, but I did feel as if she led the debates in a slightly unhelpful position at times.

They really should have made it a 2 hour special, they could have carried on all night! I think to be honest the Tories did the best out of everybody from the show, Jack Straw really let himself down.

I can’t wait to see what the media reaction, and public reaction is to the show (I write this literally minutes after it has ended), I can’t help but think it will be truly negative all around towards the BNP. I think the main fear of the British people was that Griffin would appear on the show and present himself as a charasmatic, informed leader (lazy comparison but indeed similar to a young Hitler), when in fact really quite the opposite was true. Oh and doesn’t he have a SHIT EYE.


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