PRECIOUS : Mariah without make up

So I have been hearing about the film Precious (originally Push) on the internet for the last year or so – it originally sounded vaguely ridiculous to me wot with MO’NIQUE (Best known for playing Kim from Moesha’s Mum on The Parkers) and Mariah Carey (Potentially the most ridiculous human being in current living existence) being cast in genuinely sincere acting roles. With the lead being a cast through a nationwide search of  unknowns I really was expecting the film to be an utter car crash for all the right reasons…imagine my surprise as initial reactions to preview screenings were overwhelmingly positive…from the first showing Mo’Nique of all people was gaining Oscar Nomination buzz…it certainly started to piqué my interest, flash forward a few months, Oprah Winfrey has jumped on board the Precious bandwagon, the film wins several film festival awards (including BEST BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCE for Mariah Carey at Palm Springs), and the film that really shouldn’t have EVER worked arrives on British shores…here are a few of my own thoughts (full of spoilers so WATCH IT) –

1. WHO was the random white (possibly lesbian) character in the insect/incest scene? WHO WAS SHE? It reminded me of the scene in The Simpsons where they introduce a completely new character for the first time and pretend it has always been there. Why did she need to deliver the insect/incest line when the other classmates were perfectly capable? WHY WAS SHE THERE AT ALL

2. Who on earth was looking after Mongol (Precious’ daughter) in the final office three way scene? Monique just gets up to go and get her from outside…you cannot just leave a downs syndrome child unattended in a hallway at the citizens advice bureau, it just does not happen. I am pretty sure downtown Harlem’s CAB wouldn’t have a crèche for children either, particularly not the disabled kind. That really baffled me.

3. Mariah was good…very good in her role, but it was a VERY SMALL ROLE. How on earth is she getting awards and noms for it? A small role like the abused childs Mother in Doubt (Meryl Streep is a nun film) getting noms I can understand, but Mariah played a functional role well, it was not award-winning. Had it been any unknown actress playing her and not Mariah Carey (or any other famous personality in Mariah’s place let’s be real) she would not be getting awards – the headmistress at the beginning had almost as much screen time and does she get awards : NO SHE DOES NOT. But well done to Mariah anyway, she was good, but Mo’Nique and the special school teacher were WAY BETTER. Special school teacher lesbian must be so pissed off Mariah is getting all the noms over her.

4. I really loved the class, without them the film would have been much heavier. Jo-Ann was HOT, I wanted her to be my friend, and Darlene Cake was a pure stereotype but was very amusing with it. I did feel for the class a bit though…you’d get kinda pissed off with somebody like Precious being in your class taking up so much time with personal tragedy after personal tragedy when you just want to learn to read and write…lucky they all seemed to like Precious (curly-haired latino girl ASIDE) so they didn’t seem too bothered…I felt real sad for the former addicts dream of opening a clinic for babies or whatever go widely unnoticed because Precious was busy blurting out to the room she was HIV Positive.

5. I really loved and felt for the Precious character…you have to root for the heroine and I really did for her. I actually found the scenes where she just sat and said nothing the most effective…I remember people being like that at school, really kinda made it ring a bit closer to home for me.

It was a very enjoyable film however, but not really a life changing event…I would recommend you go and see it if you like feeling empowered like a strong black woman.

In related news I mentioned above that Mariah Carey won the Best Breakthrough Performance award at Palm Springs…this is her receiving said award (in front of an entire audience of RESPECTED FILM INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS) –

God bless her…drunk as a skunk. allegedly Mariah is to launch her own champagne range some time in OH TEN, now there is a surprise…


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