So dancehall has randomly become cool again….dancehall nights (for white people) have suddenly started cropping up all over London, and apparently everybody around here is suddenly an expert on the comprehensive back catalog of Beenie Man. I don’t actually mind this, despite the hideous homophobic undertones that dog the genre, what I know of it is generally really fun, and whilst I wouldn’t perhaps have much of it on my ipod, its definitely fun on a night out to dance to (or watch other people dance to in my case as I am not a particularly great dancer).

Gyptian is the breakout genuine dancehall hit of the year that seems to happen every couple of years (see Beenie Man’s “Who Am I”, Elephant Man’s “Pon De River” and “Heads High” by Mr Vegas). Bizarrely they mangled up the track for the UK single release by putting an awful shuffle beat under the track, a very very strange thing to do as this track in its original form has been a MASSIVE track in da clubz for the past year or so, and the song clearly didn’t need it.

Luckily ignoring the rubbish UK single edit, this track is actually very, very good. I have absolutely no idea what Gyptian is going on about in this song as his voice just seems to merge all his words into one, but its a seriously great tune. Like I said, its been a huge club track and its been one of those songs that was really familiar to me for ages without me actually really realising what it was.

Even better is that Major Lazer, the amazing Switch/Diplo SUPERGROUP took the track and made a banging remix out of it. The Major Lazer remix essentially takes the original and gays the fuck out of it by transforming it into essentially a mid-90s dance track. Its very much a close cousin to Push The Feeling On by Nightcrawlers or Show Me Love by Robin S, and all the better for it. Seriously great stuff, and elevated a song that I enjoyed into an essential song of the year for me.

I can’t say I know anything else about Gyptian, or am particularly interested in anything he does in future, but this track and remix were an absolute TRIUMPH.

Slow to fast original into Major Lazer remix (amazing) –

Major Lazer remix on its own –


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