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Kendal Johansson is a bit of a mystery truth be told…there is very little information about them online to the point where there is even a degree of confusion as to Kendal’s gender, be it male or female – the vocal on this track could be either really. I think Kendal is male personally, but WHO KNOWS.

Anyway this is a bit of an oddball track – its a cover of the song Blue Moon by US 70s band Big Star, originally a very stripped back, short acoustic track that became quite poignant following the death of the Big Star singer Alex Chilton earlier this year. I can’t pretend I know a lot about Big Star (I don’t), but the original track is very beautiful, if not quite my cup of tea personally.

Anyway, following his death this cover emerged earlier in the year, a somewhat controversial song to cover, but lord almighty me is it done well.

I remember the very first time I played this song, I had been on a blog mp3 binge and had a load of new songs to listen to – quite often when I do this – no matter what the songs are – they all seem to merge into one, as it is just too much new music at once for my brain to handle. But this track was really seriously different. From before the vocal kicked in, the opening piano keys had caught my attention well and truly, and before the track had even finished I knew that this was going to be a song I would love and adore long time.

Its just such an overwhelmingly beautiful track. Kendal Johansson takes the original song and puts a heartbreaking, torch-song style approach to the vocal, which really really works. As I said previously the vocal is also relatively genderless, which just adds to the appeal and mystery for me. The opening intro with the bird tweets and dramatic beat which lead into the piano line is pretty much heart-stoppingly amazing, and really sets the track up as something really special.

True to the original the track is short too…it only has one reading of the vocal and then it echoes and fades out slowly to eventual silence, something that I personally think stands to make the track seem even more dramatic and beautiful, and really amplifies how gorgeous the song proceeding the silence was.

Hopefully we will hear more from the enigmatic Johansson in 2011, he/she is signed to trendy Swedish label Sincerely Yours and is labelmates with CEO who released an awesome album in 2010, so I have high hopes.

The track comes with a spectacular music video also, very Swedish, very Fever Ray, very fitting with the track. I really do love it –


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  1. Did Kendal help write some material with the artist Avner? The track Bed For Mig kinda sounds similar in style to Kendal’s cover “Blue Moon”

    June 19, 2011 at 2:09 am

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