So this is more for the album as a whole rather than a single song. I really love this album. Its just ridiculous, relentless, incredibly sexy, violent DOOM POP. Sometimes you just need a bit of anger and aggression in your life, and this album has it in spades, whilst still managing to tickle a few of the gay boxes at the same time.

Almost every track has thundering guitar rifts and a general feeling of death, or at least impending death and doom about it, but the tracks still have the tunes to back it up too. “Straight A’s” is basically the sound of a million Japanese schoolgirls being ran over by a combine harvester and slowly shredded, “A/B Machines” has been their break out club hit and pretty much opens with a guitar rift that borrows heavily from a World War II air-raid siren and the track “Treats” could be the soundtrack to any horror film that features a prolonged shot of a psychopathic serial killer staring intensely at his victim before he bludgeons them slowly to death with a hammer.

Its all incredibly sexy music, and the album is full of short gasps of breath and screams – the track “Rachel” opens with heavy breathing before a deep and deeply unsettling electronic bassline joins in and eventually joins up with the breathing by the end of the song. The album is very Nine Inch Nails in that it conjures up images of horrific violence, but in a campy b-movie way rather than the very real Fred and Rose.

Most unexpected of all mid-way through the album comes Rill Rill (originally Ring Ring), a bitchy 60s girl-group pastiche with a delightfully sarky vocal delivery from singer Alexis. Rill Rill was the track they promoted the most first, at least on music blogs, and its quite the contrast from the rest of the album – quite fantastically so however, it gives the album its sole breathing point amongst the machine gun drums and wall to wall gore-porn of the rest of the album.

Unfortunately however Sleigh Bells are yet to master the art of the music video, with the two clips they have released so far being a sizeable disappointment, although the video for Riot Rhythm appears to have kept the ginger child from M.I.A’s Born Free video in employment for a little longer –

I think with material like they have they have much bigger scope for much much better videos. Lets hope they rectify this in future.

Anyway Sleigh Bells, TOP ALBUM

Rill Rill –

and my personal fave, A/B Machines –


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