EL PERRO DEL MAR – CHANGE OF HEART (Robyn’s Rakamonie Remix)

I was debating whether to include this track or not, as I couldn’t actually remember whether it was from 2009 or 2010, but a quick google seems to suggest this this remix first emerged online in December 2009, and started getting talked about online early 2010, so for all means and purposes I have decided that IT COUNTS towards my 2010 list, even if it is legally a 2009 track.

Anyway, El Perro Del Mar, yet another female Swedish singing sensation. She hasn’t quite had the success and write-ups outside of her homeland as Robyn and Lykke Li, but she has quietly received critical acclaim for her 3 albums over the last few years. I have to admit, El Perro isn’t really entirely for me. I first came across her ages ago with her track “God Knows (You Gotta Give)”, it was a delicate 60’s sounding  track, whilst I liked her voice and the fragility behind the song it didn’t quite hit it for me and I didn’t pursue her much further. Fast forward to 2009 and she releases her third album, with this track in its original form “Change Of Heart” as the lead single. Again whilst I quite liked it, it wasn’t quite my cup of tea (a bit too shoegazy and laid back for me), and I quickly forgot all about it.

Then, like I previously mentioned, the Robyn remix of “Change Of Heart” emerged on-line at the tail-end of last year, and that remix pretty much blew my mind (slight exaggeration perhaps, but I really liked it).

Essentially the Robyn remix “Robyn-ifys” the original track quite a bit, it replaces the lazy guitars and laid back rifts of the original with sparse electronic beats, and adds Robyn’s own additional backing vocals alongside the original vocal from El Perro taking the track almost into duet territory as opposed to this being a straight remix. Its really Robyn’s vocals that make this remix so great, she really understands how to emphasise sadness and heartbreak – lines in the original of the song that previously washed over me are suddenly high lit with Robyn’s emphasis – often by repetition, and a few ghostly minor-key wails towards the end of the track add a slightly more tense atmosphere to the song.

This has been one of my hangover songs of 2010, despite taking El Perro into slightly dancier electronic territory, Robyn has kept it subtle and relaxed, and I find the remix generally pretty calming, particularly at 3.15 in when the beat that runs throughout the track kicks back in. It makes me feel as if everything in the world is going to be alright again, even if I did lose my phone last night and steal a few pool balls from Efes and sent a few texts that I shouldn’t have done to people that I can’t remember who they were.

I must admit, upon hearing Robyn’s Body Talk part 1 EP in the middle of last year (see below) I was a bit sad that the songs on it weren’t more like this one – she probably could have quietly slipped it onto her Body Talk album without too many people noticing and it would have fit in fine, I may even do that with my own personal Body Talk Ultimate tracklisting RIGHT NOW.

Robyn remix –

Original “Change Of Heart” official video (which is awesome) –


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