A very-belated Die Antwoord post

Alright so everybody and their Mother knows about Die Antwoord, there is very little new to add to the discussion about them, although I am vaguely amazed that apparently Enter The Ninja really did chart at number 37 in the UK HIT PARADE! How fantastic. I love that they have been floating around the net for the past 100 years and people are slowly becoming more and more aware of them, Enter The Ninja for Christmas number one 2013.

There has been a lot of discussion as to whether they are for real or not – I think it is a vaguely sincere anyway, with the tongue planted somewhere in their cheek, I love that he has “How Can An Angel Break My Heart” tattooed not over his heart but over the rib-cage cavity in his chest, clearly a big fan of TONI B AND KENNY G.

I do think Enter The Ninja is sensational…it is a little bit (more) difficult to take them seriously if you have seen District 9 however, you do expect them to start shouting FOOKIN PRAWNS at any given chance. The album I find tricky in one sitting, very tricky.

This post however is very much just a smokescreen to post the following video on here. Sampling tracks for songs is obviously absolutely nothing new or even slightly eyebrow-raising. What excited me was what track Die Antwoord sampled for “Enter The Ninja” something I didn’t even realise they had done until I read it online earlier today, step forward the vaguely ridiculous Swedish bubblegum dance-pop duo SMiLE.dk straight out of 1996 with their track “Butterfly” –


How that never made it to UK shores I DO NOT KNOW but by Lord I wish it did have. I am reasonable sure that outside of Scandinavia the majority of people will have never heard that track (or have seen THAT VIDEO, take note THE NAKED AND FAMOUS), but WHAT A SONG, it puts Aqua to absolute shame. It is quite clear to me now where Xenomania got their inspiration from for Mini Viva’s “Left My Heart In Tokyo”. Die Antwoord seem to have kept the sample pretty quiet to me, it kind of goes a little beyond the USA trend of sampling euro-pop hits from the past few years (See Flo Rida’s “Right Round” and that Eminem song that sampled Haddaway’s “What Is Love”) as it really is such an utterly random (but amazing) choice of song to sample. I really hope SMiLE.dk and Die Antwoord can come together one day and perform “Enter The Ninja” and/or “Butterfly” live together, it would really make my life.

In other euro-pop sampling news, I was most upset to discover some generic USA RnB slut named AUBURN has decided to sample a guilty pleasure from my childhood “Around The World (La La La)” by ATC for her track “La La La” (ft IYAZ), sadly unlike Die Antwoord she doesn’t really do it justice –

I do like that Iyaz’s appearance in the video seems to be GENUINELY filmed on an iphone however, a very classy touch Auburn, whoever you are.

Let us bask in the power and the glory of the original “Around The World (La La La)” by ATC, an utterly generic and silly euro-pop hit from the late 90s, that was oddly massive everywhere in Europe, apart from the UK where I think it made about number 14 for one week.



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