LYKKE LI – Queen of (January) 2011

So we are what, 3 or 4 weeks into 2011 now? Already the return of Swedish ice-queen Lykke Li has managed to get me more than a little excited (QUEEN OF POP 2011 ALREADY etc etc). First came the first track from her terribly pretentiously titled sophomore album “Wounded Rhymes” late last year “Get Some”, which whilst I liked a lot, I must admit I bored of after a few listens. It definitely struck me as a bit of a statement of intent following her last album “Youth Novels” and the stunning “Get Some” video definitely confirmed this in my mind. On her last album Lykke was quite young and fragile, on this new album she has definitely grown a bit…bitch is a VAMP, she ain’t wearing no messy buns in her hair these days –

Whilst I liked “Get Some” (and loved the video) my interest wasn’t quite piqued just yet…that came with the unveiling of the album artwork, which pretty much took my breath away (if I was to be quite so dramatic), AMAZING –

I was like woah! to quote long forgotten late 90s RnB princess Mya. What an amazing sleeve.

Then this week Lykke Li debuted the video to the second single from the album “I Follow Rivers” which had me  100% ON BOARD about half-way through the clip, seriously beautiful/amazing –

Honestly, if I was a bit more emotionally wired (or extremely drunk on gin) that video could make me cry, its probably my favourite music video since Kendal Johansson’s “Blue Moon”. Its a bit like a tender and loving version of the Health video I posted below “We Are Water”, without the ridiculous fright-wig and decapitation obviously. I am seriously chomping at the bit for the album now, I really hope it does not disappoint, I want it to leak already dammit – James Blake had the common courtesy to give us his album about 3 years before release, learn from him Lykke, LEARN. FROM. HIM.

Lykke Li’s last album I loved, but I found very, very bleak. It was kind of difficult to sit through in one full sitting, because despite the upbeat nature of the singles “Dance Dance Dance”, “Breaking It Up” and “Little Bit” for example, the album tracks were pure Scandinavian ice-queen style MISERY that didn’t really let up. If you were expecting “Dance Dance Dance” x14 you were definitely looking in the wrong place. The highlight for myself was definitely “Tonight” which differed somewhat in its album form to the demo’s that had previously been online, adding a full backing to what was originally a piano ballad to great effect, I do hope that there is stuff like this on the new album (obviously there will be, right), 2011 could well be the year for Lykke Li to SHINE (mainly on internet blogs and in the bedrooms of internet gays worldwide).

I was most impressed to see that the album cover for “Wounded Rhymes” is already influencing TOP MODELS the world over, with new test-shots from last years Australia’s Next Top Model WINNER Amanda Ware looking suspiciously similar to the artwork –

But hey go Amanda, I am yet to see SALEISHA STOWERS churn out pictures even approaching that. Amanda was of course the subject of huge discussion last year when the AusNTM host Sarah Murdoch announced rival Kelsey as the winner by mistake, when Amanda had actually had won (causing Sarah to GRAB BACK KELSEY’S WIN IMMEDIATELY FROM HER LIVE ON AIR) –

This, amongst many other reasons is why Australia’s Next Top Model is by far the best modelling trash tv show on the planet (screw you Tyra), but I digress, Lykke Li, you have made me a very happy boy so far in 2011, keep it up.


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