The Naked And Famous – Girls Like You MUSIC VIDEO DISS POST

So The Naked And Famous are big news in their native New Zealand. Their debut track “Young Blood” was a huge number one over there and their album sold a lot (for New Zealand standards). Outside the blog world, they have yet to make waves abroad as of yet aside from a few minor chart placings in Australia, but I imagine this will probably change in 2011 as they have been signed in the UK with major backing – even if they don’t quite take over the charts, I can imagine every track off their album will be licensed to every TV show going featuring young people – a la The XX.

Anyway I find their particular brand of dramatic synth-heavy anthem-pop quite enjoyable, particularly the closing track on their debut album “Girls Like You”. “Girls Like You” is a slightly ridiculous slow-building-80’s hair-rock-aping-all-out-electro-pop-spazathon that climaxes in a massive chorus involving a male/female vocal layer and a pulsating synth-line. It is a very BIG pop record, and is definitely their attempt on their debut at writing a proper epic pop song, and they succeed – its a really great track, and one of my faves from last year, I could actually see it becoming a bit of an indie-disco anthem in the same way as “Kids” by MGMT should they manage to get a breakthrough.

Anyway such I track I believe deserves an appropriate music video. I often make music videos up in my head as I listen to them , it is something I have done ever since I was a child – usually they cumulate in huge amounts of blood and gore and death and guts and dramatic buildings exploding and falling down, never even get me started on my ideas for videos for the Fever Ray album and some of the remixes that accompanied it, I would bore you to death and probably start drawing storyboards right then and there in front of you (I have a wonderful idea for the Fuck Buttons remix of “If I Had A Heart” involving an entire family being slowly crushed by a house that is beaten down to the beat of the song, all in the name of art obv).

You can imagine my utter disappointment when I saw the official video for “Girls Like You”. I had ideas of a male dominated world where the women were feral, oppressed and kept in cages, covered in dirt, struggling to break free, eventually escaping and having a huge dramatic standoff to the final chorus including crucifixion poses when the track reaches its huge dramatic guitar climax at about 4.10 in, and then resulting in the huge bloodied death of anybody that held the women down, with a giant fat man beating the ground/any buildings around to the beat of the song OR SOMETHING, the track had so much proper goose-bump tingling visual potential. What we actually ended up with depresses me entirely –


Yes that is correct, a single shot camera, lights on the windows of the block of flats corresponding to the drum-beat, a few shots of TNAF finishing a rehersal and the singer putting a picture up on the wall with the camera retreating. Talk about RUINING THE IMPACT OF THE SONG. I do not think I have seen a duller video since the UK edit of The Cardigans “My Favourite Game” video which featured Nina Persson driving a car from a fixed camera angle for the ENTIRE DURATION OF THE SONG (the un-cut version of that video obviously being amazing).

Hey obviously The Naked And Famous are on a budget, and something along the lines of my violent oppressed visual epic are probably but a pipe dream, but I am pretty sure Health were on a budget when they made the video for “We Are Water”, which is utterly amazing –

Something along the lines of THAT would have taken my breath away. But hey, who knows we might get a re-shoot should the track get a UK release at some point in the next 12 months, and despite the gaping black hole of DULL that is the official video, the song itself remains utterly blinding –

I do love a massive ridiculous build up, and two choruses that eventually tie-in together. SORT OUT YOUR VISUAL SIDE PLEASE THE NAKED AND FAMOUS.


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