George Cox for oki-ni CREEPER BOOT

I really should unsubscribe to the oki-ni email newsletters…they are so incredibly bad for me, flaunting amazing clothes in front of my face (almost) daily that I definitely don’t need, and can’t really afford to spend money on. But every time I go to tick the unsubscribe box I hesitate and decide not to, because sometimes having a little bit of awesome to lust after in life is pretty good.

Object of my desire for the week for me is definitely the George Cox for Oki-Ni creeper boot, which I am loving sick at the moment. My facebook went into a mini-meltdown when these appeared on the site this week with homosexuals declaring their love for them loud and clear. Personally I want the grey and the black ones, obviously I am not quite affluent enough to buy both, but I can probably stretch myself to get one pair, deciding WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE is the real issue at hand here. Black would go with everything, but I think the grey are just a bit NICER. Updates on this huge and pressing issue will follow in future I am sure.

You can’t link images from oki-ni as the site is all flash based, so have a couple of direct links instead –



So freaking fit, I actually get slight butterflies in my stomach looking at them.

There is also a slightly higher sole beige boot, which I love also, but I don’t think it would honestly be particularly practical for the day to day LIVING  OF MY LIFE (Cycling in a high creeper boot? I am not convinced it is gonna work)

Kudos Oki-Ni and George Cox, you know how to make a great boot.


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