Salem – the apocalypse is coming

So drunkenly walking home last night I had a bit of a belated moment to the awesome “King Night” by Salem on my ipod, despite not really having any lyrics it seemed to SPEAK TO ME and related very well to my mood and certain personal things that are happening at the moment in my life.

I love the ridiculous death and doom aspect to the track, and I was a bit more excited than I probably should have been to discover today on youtube that despite not having an official video, several people from around the globe have created their own dark and sinister videos to accompany the track, some of which are pretty much amazing.

The best in my opinion, is this one which is just crazy good. I wanted to watch it, and unsee it, and then watch it again. Whoever made it is an absolute genius, Salem should credit them as having the official video, as they sure as hell aren’t gonna be able to make one better (Be warned it is a little bit SCARY) –

I am in absolute awe of it, one of my personal favourite things in music videos is when the images match up to what is happening in the song (it really irritates me in a video, particularly dance music videos when the visuals have absolutely no correlation to the track). The shot of Lord Nosferatu himself slowly towering over a town whilst the track starts to explode is insane. There are too many highlights for me to mention really, I could blather on about it all day, but the opening shot of the (Japanese?) woman with the veil over her face crying is the absolute perfect image to open on, sinister as fuck! I really love the scenes from Herzog’s footage of the Wodaabe too (the African tribal women) cut into it also. In a different context the images wouldn’t be dark at all, but when spliced with all these dark b-movie images and the track itself, they really lend the video an air of an insane Voodoo ritual or something, one of the tribal women flicking her eyes to the camera at 0.18 seconds in, is creepy as anything for example. If you watch the footage without Salem attempting to end the word in the background it is completely different –

Other stuff in the video blows my mind also, the men with puppet eyes trying to behead a dog for example, the woman covered in bandages sitting down coughing up blood (or perhaps laughing up blood) and the boy chasing a girl through a wood with very evenly spaced trees. Chasing in music videos is ALWAYS a winner, as proved by Lykke Li and Health in previous blog posts below.

Massive respect to you youtube user qilme whoever you are, that video blew my mind, I haven’t been able to stop watching it all afternoon. Quite where you got all the footage from I do not know, but I am very glad that you did.

There are others too, my second favourite is this one, which isn’t quite as frightening, but incredibly hyponotic –

The shots of the woman in white dancing work perfectly with the track in my opinion, I was pretty transfixed by it, and the part where the dancer is spliced against the rocket about to blast off make me very happy, not quite so keen on the random shots of the blonde girl though, but I do like the addition of a siren at the beginning, making the end of the world’s theme sound even more destructive.

and this one here manages to make a Punch and Judy puppet show super-sinister, just by playing the track on top of it. The shots of the monkey getting whacked seem to just be BRUTAL, and don’t get me started on the crocodile. So incredibly VIOLENT –

What a track, and it lends itself to the music video SO WELL.


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