D4D – Love Is Dangerous, dangerous video ALERT

So Lykke Li’s “I Follow Rivers” definitely has a new rival in terms of winning my affection for my favourite music video of 2011, enter Polish electronic group D4D and their track “Love Is Dangerous”. D4D stands for Dick 4 Dick, I was not even aware homosexuality was permitted in Poland.

Whilst I like the track  (and I’m absolutely loving the plinky-plong late 80s house style piano and organ stabs, and the sleazy sax solos) the video for me totally overshadows it.

Simple, and probably relatively cheap in its concept, a blonde-bobbed model doing an intense dance routine in a variety of ridiculous outfits in several different locations (a supermarket, a studio, a subway tunnel, a classroom full of topless male models) wins it for me every time. An absolute feast for the eyes, it definitely stands up to repeat viewings, not least to try and learn the (pretty brilliant) dance routine for yourself –


In other news, absolutely living for the track “I Miss You Beau Velasco” from the new The Death Set album “Michel Poiccard”. A complete contrast from their regular sound, and their tribute to their late founding-member and songwriter Beau Velasco (I assume), it completely and utterly encapsulates my current frame of mind at the moment – my own Mother is currently seriously seriously ill and has been given very little time left to live by doctors which has left me in a bit of a hurricane of emotional turmoil over the last week of my life, this track pretty much sounds like what my head currently sounds like…listening to it on repeat –


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