So as a preteen gay I used to really love Shola Ama. For about 5 minutes she was my most favourite thing ever, and looking back now I am not entirely sure why. I didn’t really like her songs that much – I guess I quite liked “You’re The One I Love”, her cover of “Someday I’ll Find You” and the track that simultaneously destroyed her career as a proper popstar in the UK, but also launched her a career doing nightclub PA’s from now until eternity performing the garage remix “Imagine” (the remix is probably now equally as famous in the UK for her as her single bonefide smash “You Might Need Somebody”). I guess I just liked the idea of having a one-woman Eternal, and she made Smash Hits a bit more interesting to read.

Anyway since the height of her success Shola released (a surprisingly great) response track to Mario Winans track “I Don’t Wanna Know” entitled “You Should Really Know” which went top 10, put out a third album in Japan and France ONLY called “Supersonic”, she did a couple of tracks with Giggs, a very average UK funky dance track, and now appears to spend her time tweeting her similarly named sister Sadie Ama, and hanging out in Nandos Dalston.

That is, until THIS WEEK when she has popped up doing the vocal on the new Toddla T track, and the lead single off his new album “Take It Back”, a surprisingly enjoyable 90s style piano-based dance track –

Hey well done Shola! This is actually a decent track! I REALLY LIKE IT. I am old now and not as on the ball musically as I should be these days, but a couple of years ago Toddla T was a big name in UK dance music so perhaps there is a slim hope of this getting pushed to slightly bigger things than a couple of internet gay forum posts and a few plays on 1Xtra. I think in the hands of a bigger name (maybe Alesha Dixon pre-floppage) Radio One would be all over this.

I doubt it will be any kind of hit whatsoever, but HERES HOPING.

Welcome back Shola Ama, I missed you, even if nobody else did.

UPDATE : We now have an OFFICIAL VIDEO for this HOT SUMMER SMASH, it even features Shola herself, albeit relatively briefly. Go on Radio One, playlist this, give an Ama a break –

There are also rumblings on the internet that the track steals the piano rift from this track, the slightly unhinged “Remember Love” by Noze, I definitely do hear it myself –


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