A rather belated MOMENT 4 LIFE

So sometimes a song needs a single release for you to really appreciate it. Sometimes songs do not really pop properly until they get full video treatment and radio play, one of those tracks for me is “Moment 4 Life” by Nicki Minaj ft Drake –

Over in the UK at the moment we are having a mini-heatwave. It is the middle of April and the sun is out and everybody is having a BBQ. I currently have “Moment 4 Life” ON REPEAT as it sounds so great in the sun. The track was released as a single in the UK back in February 2011, and has been out in the public domain for ages since the album “Pink Friday” was released, so to say it has taken a while to grown on me is saying something.

I didn’t really notice it on the album before it was made a single – it was completely elevated by being granted single status in my opinion. Its a shame her label are now pushing the dire The Big Pink sampling track “Girls Fall Like Dominos” over here now instead of trying to squeeze a little bit more out of “Moment 4 Life”.

The “Pink Friday” album has been a weird one for me. I think most people were expecting a genre-revolutionising piece of work from Nicki upon release, and instead got an odd mix of not-as-mental-as-expected-Roman-Nicki and a-lot-more-than-expected-singy/sensitive-Nicki, which for somebody with such a strong image was quite the shock. At times it felt a bit like Nicki Minaj’s insane, loud, brash, personality and image had been taken out of the album.

The track “Romans Revenge” which saw her alter-ego “Roman” take on Eminem’s alter-ego “Slim Shady” (with a bit of Roman’s mother British-accented “Martha” thrown in for good measure) was pretty much the only bonafied OFF THE RAILS moment on the whole album, it was was barking, and was an instant classic because of it. Very little else on the album even compared to her legendary verse on Kanye West’s “Monster”, I think people expected a bit more of this side of Nicki –

I think in 10 years time when people look back at Pink Friday, “Romans Revenge” and “Moment 4 Life” are the only tracks people are going to remember as classics, the rest is all just a bit THERE. Stuff like “Blazin”, “Right Thru Me” “I’m The Best” and “Did It On’Em” is all very nice for right now, but it ain’t gonna be on your ipod in a couple of years time unless you have a really big one, I am talking a 160gb here. “Your Love” was great at the time, but its about two years old now and I feel very little reason to listen to it anymore.

I wonder what will happen when the albums Rihanna collab, “Fly” is eventually released (it is being held back until Rihanna quietens down a bit). I think it thinks its a much better song than it actually is. Personally I really do not like it very much AT ALL, wouldn’t be surprised if it was only a very minor hit.

Anyway, today I am celebrating my mini “Moment 4 Life” obsession with a whole day playing nothing but Foxy Brown and Lil Kim with “Moment 4 Life” being chopped in at appropriate intervals, at least those bitches could put out a (semi) decent album.

“OH YEAH”, “I’LL BE”, “LIGHTERS UP” and “THE JUMP OFF” disco (and thats just for starters) anybody? I AM IN.


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