John James Audubon – Happy BIRDDAY

I have John James Audubon’s pictures all over my bedroom at home, I bought a diary in a charity shop once full of good quality reproductions of his bird drawings, so I cut it up and stuck them all over my wall. It looks beautiful. Today is John James Audubon’s birthday. He is famous for documenting the birds of North America in amazing and beautiful detail for the very first time. Here are a few of my favourite of his pictures, I really love his work. I tried to copy one of his owl pictures before, you would be amazed at how quickly boring drawing individual feathers becomes, gotta give the man some respect –

and my personal favourite, which I just think is really ethereal and beautiful, his Great Egret painting –


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  1. Beautiful post!

    April 27, 2011 at 3:57 am

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