So Charli XCX has (very) quietly been shuffling around the corners of the internet for the last couple of years now, without making any real major waves, but she has recently been signed properly and is gearing up to release her first single proper “Stay Away”

She is one of those bitches that is going to get a slow burn campaign, that 6 months down the line gays internet-wide are all going to be looning over, only to be bitterly disappointed when she flops into the charts at #25 (she is managed by LITTLE BOOTS original management team I believe, which just about says it all.)

Anyway, “Stay Away” I have to say I really really like, gothic sounding industrial electro-pop – vocally she is very Marina Diamandis but thankfully without the Mika-esque backing or shrill squealing. Really good track, its good I like it top marks –

It also has a remix from the creepy fucks at Salem which is pretty good, and has an awesome video –

Let us not forget Salem and their visual side are a BIG PERSONAL FAVOURITE OF MINE

Her image is not hitting it for me however, more VV Brown than GaGa –

Trying that LITTLE BIT TOO HARD, sort it out Charli!


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    July 20, 2013 at 6:43 pm

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