Jack Littman – Sinking Ship VIDEO

Jack Littman HOT CHEST FLASH alert –

So “Sinking Ship” by Jack Littman has gone on to become not only one of my favourite tracks of the year so far, but probably of the last few years or so, I think its a really amazingly special track and I try to foist it on people whenever, and wherever I go. Its been picked up on by a few blogs, and I really hope it has made a few waves for him.

A commenter on my previous post on the track named LISA informed me that a video has now been made for the song, something that surprised me somewhat as I honestly never expected the song to get to the video stage. For the obvious budget restraints I think they have done a really nice job. I really like the flashes of light (and that it was filmed in the pitch black dark), and the straight on shots of Jack himself staring directly into the camera rather intensively, and the usage of red and green light in general.  I do think its a bit fussy, and probably could have done without the traffic cones, bubbles and rope, and probably would have had the job done using light alone, but for a debut video, on a budget for an AMAZING song I think its a fine effort –

I really hope the track grows more now there is a video out. It would work just as well played REALLY LOUD in a club as it would listening at home as a mellow track – an honour that not many songs can honestly say they can warrant – the only other song I can think of that works in both contexts off the top of my head is the Jamie XX remix of “You Got The Love” by Florence and The Machine. I’m pleased that Jack Littman seems to be exploring the more interesting side of his work and image too, I was a bit worried he was going to play at being a boring singer-songwriter.

You can still download “Sinking Ship” and the rest of the Jack Littman mixtape at http://jacklittman.bandcamp.com/track/sinking-ship do so, its good!


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