The Weeknd – Glass Table Girls

LOVING this unofficial video to accompany The Weeknd’s track “Glass Table Girls” that has appeared online. It uses footage from Robocop and some clever jittery-editing to create a pretty perfect accompanying video for the track. “Glass Table Girls” isn’t one of my favourites off the The Weeknd debut mixtape/album thing, but this clip elevates it in my opinion. My track of choice is the opening song “High For This” which is one of the best sex/drugs tracks I have heard in ages, that song was made for a red light.

Anyway, download the”House Of Balloons”  album for free from, if you haven’t heard of The Weeknd already WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN. Potentially one of the most hyped albums I have ever experienced online (and it more than lives up to it). Its a must if you like R Kelly at his sleaziest (and quite frankly WHO DOESN’T). The Weeknd is 20 year old Abel Tesfaye from Toronto. I wish I could be so young and produce something so awesome –

Watch this video –

Listen to this song (ideally whilst knobbing somebody) –


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